TOP 10 – Guide to the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe

If you’re planning to go on a trip to Guadeloupe or you’re just wondering what’s on there, you’re in the right place. In this article, I will cover the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe, from the Atlantic to the Caribbean Sea. This article contains also short guides and places where you can swim.

French overseas territory and rich with an incredible variety of beaches (but not only!), Guadeloupe is distinguished by its butterfly with two facets, Two atmospheres, Two maritime facets Two types of beaches. Whether you are looking for volcanic or paradisiacal beaches, the archipelago will seduce you for your next winter vacation. To see more clearly, and thus select the beaches of Guadeloupe that are worth a look, here is our selection of the most beautiful places to swim.

Guadeloupe beaches: Basse-Terre

1- Pearl Beach in Deshaies

This classification of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe begins strong with my favorite one which is the Pearl beach located in Deshaies (in the north of Basse-Terre). Enclosed by a tropical forest and subject to characteristic waves, Pearl Beach is a wilderness that you want to tread up and down. The sound of the crashing waves still rings in my ears. I voluntarily start with the wild beaches of Basse-Terre because they are the ones that seduced me the most and which depart a little from the standards of paradise beaches.

PS: Pearl beach is the perfect place where you can take wonderful sunset photos.

2 – Grande Anse beach in Trois-Rivières

Are you looking for a black sand beach? Grande-Anse is one of the most beautiful volcanic beaches in Guadeloupe. Grande- Anse is Wild, extensive, less crowded with tourists. This is a step not to be missed. The waves can be violent and swimming is not always recommended, but to enjoy a sunset, a romantic moment or why not a picnic out of the sight of tourists, Grande Anse is a nice option.

Guadeloupe beaches: Grande-Terre

3 – Caravelle beach in Sainte-Anne

Caravelle Beach, also known as “Club Med Beach”, is one of Guadeloupe’s favorite beaches for travelers. Despite its small size, it alone embodies the Caribbean postcard. Its transparent water is a real pleasure and the gentle current makes the Caravelle an ideal family beach. It is also a good spot to indulge in some sporting activities (which Club MED also offers): kite surfing, jet skiing, etc.

Caravelle beach

4 – Bois-Jolan Beach in Sainte-Anne

Bois-Jolan, located on Grande-Terre in Sainte-Anne, is definitely one of my favorite beaches in Guadeloupe. Once again, these clear and shallow waters are perfect for couples seeking rest as well as families wanting to paddle in peace. These shades of blue are also a good pretext for snorkelling in Guadeloupe!

Bois-Jolan Beach in Sainte-Anne

5 – Anse Castalia in Anse Bertrand

We can easily imagine the beaches of Guadeloupe as paradise: large expanse of blond sand, line of royal palm trees as umbrellas. But Guadeloupe is also wild somehow due to the lack of tourist activities despite the high popularity of the archipelago.

It is often enough to deviate from the main axes to discover beautiful treasures. This is the case of Anse Castalia, located near the village of Anse-Bertrand. The path is no longer formalized due to the not easy terrain (I do not recommend it to families) which crosses the jungle. But after a few minutes of walking, we remain captivated by this gradient of turquoise. The waves to the north are quite brutal, but the rocks have created an artificial pool if you still want to swim.

Anse Castalia in Anse Bertrand

6 – îlet du Gosier

Iconic with its white and red lighthouse, this little paradise island off Gosier is one of Guadeloupe’s best swimming destinations.
Go on the islet of Le Gosier for a day trip. Between a lazy session and a snorkelling session, have a ti’punch at the Petit Robinson restaurant.

îlet du Gosier

Beaches of the Guadeloupe archipelago

7 – Le pain de sucre in Saintes

In the Baie des Saintes, Le pain de sucre is one of the well known islands. The path to reach it is not very obvious; the beach is also partially private. The ideal way to come here is still the seaway. What could be better than discovering the Saintes by catamaran? Le pain de Sucre beach is also perfect for snorkelling in Guadeloupe: multicolored fish and corals abound around these natural organs.

Le pain de sucre

8 – Pompierre Beach at Terre-de-Haut in Saintes

Pompierre beach is another beach in the Saintes archipelago that should not be missed. Large cove rocked by a field of royal palm trees, the beach is magnificent at sunset. Plan a 15-minute walk from the Bourg.
Protected from the trade winds and rocked by two Mornes, Pompierre beach is ideal for lazing around and family holidays.

Pompierre beach 

9 – Feuillère beach in Marie-Galante

From the reviews that I have seen, the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe are to be found in Marie-Galante. Guadeloupeans say that themselves!
These turquoise waters captivates you, and even if the waves can be sometimes insolent, it is a pure joy to swim at the beach of La Feuillière.

Feuillère beach

10 – Anse du Souffleur, La Désirade

Anse du Souffleur is La Désirade’s postcard. Like the beaches of Marie-Galante we also find here incredibly transparent turquoise water and blond sand that wriggles on our toes. Don’t miss seeing this little yellow beach cabin either; terribly photogenic.

Anse du Souffleur, La Désirade

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