8 Best Beautiful Beaches In Morocco

Morocco is one of the countries that has really amazing beaches. With two sea fronts, one on the Mediterranean Sea and the other on the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is full of paradisiacal beaches, ideal for spending a dream vacation. From Saïdia to Dakhla, here are the most beautiful beaches along the Moroccan coast. It is a good choice for your holidays! Here is a list of the beautiful beaches that you want to visit if you go to Morocco.

1- Taghazout beach, agadir

Taghazout is known around the world as an excellent surf spot. Surfers from all over the world meet in “wave season” to indulge in their favorite sport.

The village, which has few inhabitants during normal periods, is teeming with people. Once you get there, you feel the festive atmosphere all around you. Taghazout, then, becomes “the seaside resort” of the moment, with all its authenticity.

In this small Berber village, the spectacle of the waves hitting its rocky coasts is quite extraordinary. But, thanks to its natural diversity, you can also find magnificent sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. Want a fancy jet ski ride? Want to eat fresh squid in the morning while facing the sea? Want to laza around on a deckchair while sipping a freash fruit juice? Taghazout offers the essentials for a pure relaxation. Don’t miss giving it a visit!

2- Sidi ifni, legzira beach

A few kilometers near Sidi Ifni, we discover Legzira, the red beach, known for its vertiginous cliffs in ocher color flowing into the ocean, and its 4 splendid arches carved into the rock by the tides. The geological meeting of the Anti-Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean gave life to this surprising work of natural art. It is reached by descending 200 steep steps from the small tourist complex which has (unfortunately) taken over the place. Vacationers, mostly Moroccan families, invade the beach during the summer, but it is enough to get away from the tourist hubbub to find yourself alone in front of the majesty of nature. It’s at sunset that magic happens. The evening sun dyes the walls with a palette of sparkling red. The last rays of the day make their way through the crevices inside the natural caves carved by the waves. It is really amazing!

3- Oualidia beach

Not very far away from the tourist office of EL Jadida by car, this exceptional and impressive lagoon will not leave you indifferent.
The lagoon offers you several sandy and rocky beaches. The water is a bit cold, but the place is so magical that you forget the temperature to enjoy swimming or having a boat trip in the lagoon. You can also eat freshly caught sea urchins, fish or shellfish on the beach, which will be grilled and served on site.

4- Moulay bouselham beach

Located between Kénitra and the town of Souk Larbaa du Gharb, Moulay Bousselham beach is divided into two sites, the first known as “Hawai”, a spot for surfers and swell lovers, and the other called “the pool” reserved for bathers and swimmers. This beach is known for its calm waters. The place also has one of the most beautiful lagoons in Morocco, called Merja Zerga.

5- Quemado beach, Hoceima

This beach, with an area of ​​9000m², located at the foot of the Quemado cliff, has been ranked 7th most beautiful beach in the world, given the clear waters and its fine white sand, but also the bathing facilities available to it. A MUST SEEE!

6- Oued laou beach

This hamlet near Tetouan, has become the benchmark for holidaymakers, seeking tranquility, or anglers who are the main line of activity in the region.

7- Las cuevas beach, Assilah

This idyllic beach is just a few kilometers away from the city of Assila. Bounded by rocky mountains, it is distinguished by the caves which give it its name. Do not miss to visit this white sand beach and its clear waters!

8- Saidia beach

With its 14 km, Saidia beach is the longest beach in Morocco. Endowed with fine sand, it has become the preferred destination for Moroccans and foreigners around the world. Do not hesitate to visit the jewel of the blue pearl.

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