10 Best Beaches In Santorini That You Probably Never Heard Of

Santorini is a place that has its own unique charm that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Whether you’re looking of land charm or sea charm, Santorini looks like a winning destination. This place is very known for its stunning water views, amazing sunsets, and unique volcanos. What makes Santorini special is the white sand, the crystal blue water, and the quite atmosphere.

Having a bath in the clear blue water of Santorini beaches is one of the activities that you don’t want to miss. The cold water will refresh your heart and soul. It is the perfect to do when it gets hot in the mid-day.
Another special thing about Santorini beaches is that the majority of them are composed of volcanic sand – some of the beaches have red or white sand with pebbles.

There are plenty of beaches that are worth visiting. Actually, you can’t explore all of them in one visit. Thus, I tried to gather a list of the most incredible beaches to visit in one lifetime for you. Let me be your guide.

1- The red beach


What makes this beach one of the most unique beaches in Santorini is the color of its sand. We are usually used to the normal white or gold color of beaches. Thus, a red sanded beach will look special for most of us.
This beach is located a few steps away from the Akrotiri area – and it is easily accessible.
The unique color of the sand and the hill in behind making a magical view that you can use to take unforgettable photos.
From the Akrotiri port, you can reach to the red beach by taking a small walk on the ground or by taking a boat on the sea.
You may be disappointed a little bit if you are a shopping lover. Stores are not very available in this area, but the scenery of the place is great.
When it comes to hotels, you have to go back to the Akrotiri port. You will find affordable hotels with high quality services.

2- Santorini White Beach


Not far away from the red beach, the white beach of Santorini proves itself as an ideal site for relaxation and peaceful moments. Privacy is sacred in this place. This beach remains quiet and isolated for a perfect vacation. Although its small size, the white beach is very beautiful. The white cliffs surrounding the beach and the black sand create a special view.
You can reach to the white beach by taking a boat from the Akrotiri pier.
Like the red beach, the white beach doesn’t have shops or restaurants from where you can buy things you need. If you’re planning to go there, make sure that you take everything you need for the entire vacation with you.

3- Vlychada Beach


Unlike the white beach, which is a small beach, Vlychada is a long beach that has a variety of types of soil. In some areas, the beach is sandy. In other areas, the soil becomes purple.
It is located 13 kilometers away from Fira. It is a part of the south coast beaches of Santorini.

4- Monolithos Beach


If you like spending the night near the beach, Monolithos beach is your perfect choice. Unlike the previously mentioned beaches, this beach has a collection of restaurants and hotels nearby. Another thing that you will like about this beach is that it has more sand. Compared with other beaches on the island, there is plenty of sand to play with in this beach. It is a family-friendly destination where you can enjoy building sand castles and spending the night on this beach with your family members.

5- Agios Georgios Beach

In order to be fair, I have to mention another popular beach that is very recommended by visitors. This beach is located a few kilometers away from Perissa beach. What is amazing in this beach is the organization. The native people have organized perfectly. You can easily access the places of renting beach loungers, towels, food, and drinks.
Agios Georgois beach will also suit you of you’re planning to stay for more than one day. There are affordable hotels nearby.

6- Koloumbo beach


One of the most visited beaches in Santorini is Koloumbo beach. This beach is located a few kilometers away from Oia. It is very famous for its unspoiled long beaches. These beaches are surrounded by white cliffs which offer a great view and a relaxing scenery for the eyes. Because it is quite isolated, you may come across many nudists on the beach.

7- Santorini Kamari Beach


Compared to a lot of Santorini beaches, this beach is more upscale – and that’s what makes it unique. Not far away from Perissa beach, this beach is located on the southern part of the Santorini island.
During the day, you can enjoy the beauty of nature that this beach offers. And during the night, you can stay in the nearby hotels. If you go there, don’t miss trying the spicy local food. It’s amazing!

8- Perissa Beach


This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The unique variety of sand, that this beach has, makes it unique and amazing. The sand of this beach is not powdery. It is a mix of black pebbles and black sand. Moreover, the climate is hot and the water is cold.
For a great relaxation, you can rent beach loungers or beach chairs from the stores nearby and enjoy a wonderful view.
You can also enjoy swimming in one of the clearest water ever.
Along the beach, restaurants and stores are lined next to each other. You can get whatever you need from there.
One thing that you may not probably like about this beach is that it can be crowded during the summer months.

9- Perivolos Beach

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If you are into black sand beaches, you can’t miss visiting Perivolos Beach. It deserves being checked out. The place is very quiet and peaceful. Along the long black sanded beach of Santorini, there plenty of restaurants and hotels.
You won’t be bored while you are on Vourvoulos beach. There are a lot of activities and sports to do here, including surfing, boating, swimming and more.
If you want to explore and try the nightlife in Santorini, there are some great beach clubs where you can enjoy your time with your friends.

10- Vourvoulos Beach


This beach is great for people who want to see both the unique landscape shaped by volcanoes and the unique Aegean Sea. It is located 7 kilometers away from Fira. This beach is a small, quiet, noiseless place where you can enjoy your summer far away from all the work stress of the year.
The beach has private places where you can enjoy the isolation with your partner.
When it comes to swimming, which is an important element of a beach vacation, the crystal blue water makes it an amazing spot for swimmers.
Another activity that you can enjoy at this beach is fishing. You can rent a fishing boat harbor and spend some good time fishing in the sea.
The local restaurants provide generous menus. There are plenty of fresh and local seafood that you can order.

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