8 Most Beautiful Island Beaches in the World

For people who love isolated beaches, island beaches can be a great destination where they can relax and enjoy the isolation. Island beaches are perfect for escaping from the rat race of the daily routine.
Actually, not all the islands have beautiful beaches. The majority of islands are defined more by the beauty of nature and the wild jungles. Other islands are known for their stunning beaches, which are known for their crystal blue water and their thriving coral kingdoms.
From the Caribbean to Capri and the Seychelles to Santorini, figure out you’re favorite island beach from this list of the most beautiful beach islands in the world.
Islands can offer more than stunning beaches. Some islands grant access to blowholes, boulders, bays, and beaches. Whereas others offer rum, rainforests, reefs, ruins, cliffs, coves, and caves.
In this article, I will only talk about beaches. I will provide you with a list of the top 10 island beaches in the world.

Get ready to discover them all. You will be blown away by the beauty of nature.

1- Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

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The blue beach is one of the Caribbean’s top beaches because of its clear water and its white sand. What is amazing about this beach is that even getting there is an adventure. You can get to the beach by taking an unpaved road along the middle of the island.
A part of the island was destroyed by Hurricane Maria in 2017, but there are still other parts of the island that survived. One of them is the blue beach. The bright Caribbean sun casts dramatic shadows along the beach, which is stunning.

2- Seagrass Beach, Laucala Islands, Fiji

This beach is located in a 7.5 square-mile private island in Fiji. You can get there by taking a 50-minute charter flight from Nadi. Such a great way to escape the ordinary life and enjoy relaxation and total privacy. This pristine beach is considered to be the quietest of the resort beaches on this island. Laucala is also home of some rare birds and animals, making it paradise like.
If you are wondering where to stay, your only option is is Laucala Island Resort. The experience can be highly expensive, but it is worth the price. In one of the 25 luxurious villas, you can enjoy a top luxury and a total privacy life.

3- Bathsheba Beach, Barbados


One of the appropriate words to describe this beach are untouched, wild and rugged. This shoreline provides the perfect conditions for surfers and photographers to catch the best waves. If you never watched a “Soup Bowl” before, which is a name for the crashing of waves and the white sand, you will have the opportunity to watch this mesmerizing natural phenomenon.
This beach is less of a swimming place, but you can take unforgettable shots for your Instagram profile.
Nearby the beach, there is a landmark resort called Sandy Lane where you can stay. It provides elegant interiors and good service. There are plenty of things that you can do at Bathsheba beach; you can have an outdoor movie night, enjoy surfing on the beach, have a themed dinner party, or have a glace of wine at the bar.

4- Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii


In winter, this beach offers a big opportunity to watch big wave surfing. Whereas in winter, the water becomes very calm and provides a perfect atmosphere for snorkeling. As its name indicates, this beach becomes awesome during the sunset. The view will steal your heart.
The closest place where you can stay is Turtle Bay Resort. This resort has two restaurants and a bar.
For snorkeling, your ideal choice is Five-Mile beach.

5- Banana Beach, Thailand


Banana beach is located in Koh Hey (Coral) Island. Known for its green jungle and blue crystal water, this beach is popular for parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and boat riding. This less-than-crowded spot is great for spending a day in the sun. Even with a low budget, you can have a really good time.

6- Siasconset Beach, Nantucket, MA

You can reach to Siasconset by taking a six-mile bike ride on the milestone road path from town. In summer, you can also take a NRTA shuttle bus.
When it comes to food and drink, you will find restaurants and restrooms in the nearby historic village of Sconset.
This beach can be perfect for a long summer walk. The rough and strong waves on one side and the multi-million-dollar villas on the other side is luxurious.
While in the island, do not miss the opportunity to have an extraordinary dining experience at Toppers. Their modern American menu is amazing.

7- Honopu Beach, Kauai, HI

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This is beach is also called Cathedral Beach, especially by locals. Reaching this beach is not easy. To get there, you need to swim from the neighboring Kalalau beach (is it a quarter mile swim). Otherwise, you can reach it by boat, but you will have to swim anyways.
It sounds like it so much trouble, but it’s worth it. The stunning colored sand bordered by soaring, cloaked cliffs, and vegetation will blow your mind.
I bet you have already seen this location in a movie with knowing that it was this island. The latter served as a location for a lot of movies, namely, King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Seven Nights, and Six days.
You can stay at one of the luxurious hotels and resorts in the island.

8- Tema Plage Publique, Moorea, Polynesia


The coral reef in this beach is home to hundreds of sea creatures. What is more amazing is the crystal blue water that allows you to see straight to the bottom.
Located on the northeastern shores of lush in Moorea, this public beach is usually not crowded. It is perfect for a family beach vacation.
You can stay at one of the resorts nearby the beach.
This beach is an excellent choice for a honeymoon vacation. It will be amazing to explore Moorea’s mountains and lagoons with your partner.

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