10 Stunning Beaches in Mauritius Island You Need to Visit

Located in the southwest coast Africa, Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. This island nation is a part of the Mascarene Islands, which include Mauritius and Rodrigues islands. The Mauritius island is a place with endless beaches and views. It is perfect for any water sport you love.
The clear blue water allows you to see the magnificent coral reefs and the multi-size colorful fish.
With unique lagoons, the crystal blue water, and the amazing white sand, this island is a real paradise.
What’s amazing about this island is the availability of places to stay. Nearby every beach, there are hotels where can stay. Moreover, you can rent the equipment you need for your vacation, from surfing gear, boats, scuba diving equipment, and snorkeling gear, from those hotels.
In this article, I will try to provide you with a list of the most beautiful beaches on this island that will make you to add Mauritius to your bucket list.
Every single area of the nation has its unique beauty. For example, It is known that the east coast has the most beautiful beaches in this country because it is not as developed as the other parts of Mauritius. Along this coast, the majority of beaches are not very crowded. They are perfect for relaxation and isolation, but some of them may lack of public facilities. In summer months, the native casuarinas trees along the shoreline provides a much needed shade.
Known for their dramatic sights of the gigantic waves crushing against the beach rocks and for the high sea cliffs, the Mauritius beaches along the south coast of the island are stunning too. Swimming can be dangerous in these beaches, but you can still take the opportunity to discover the country.
On the west coast of the island, the beaches can be more crowded with tourists and locals as well. Most of the beaches here are white sanded with blue turquoise water. It is a good place for surfing and windsurfing due to the perfect wind conditions. You will have the opportunity to watch the professional windsurfers and surfers in this part of the island.
Listed below are the worth visiting beaches in this country. I tried to make this list limited to the most beautiful beaches that are well worth spending money and time at.

1- Blue Bay and Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay and Blue Bay Marine Park
Blue Bay and Blue Bay Marine Park

One of the most popular beaches in Mauritius is Blue Bay and Blue Bay Marine Park. It is known for being a destination for tourists. With its blue crystal waters and stunning beaches, this beach is worth spending time at. It is located in the south, nearby the city of Mahebourg, and is not far away from the airport and hotels. From the hotels, you can reach the beach by walking for several minutes which is convenient.
This place is perfect for sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, enjoying any sport you like, or simply spending the day sunbathing while holding a tropical drink or a beer in your hand.
What makes diving fantastic in this beach is the 50 rare different species of corals that make a network of reefs protecting the bay from the ocean waves. Moreover, the multi-colored fish will make the diving experience more exciting.

2- Pereybère Beach

Pereybère Beach
Pereybère Beach

This beach is also very popular in Mauritius. It attracts a huge number of tourists and locals every year. This little cove is located half way between Cap Malheureux and Grand Bay. In the Pereybère town, you can find restaurants, bars, and shopping areas if you feel like you want to break the blue water routine.
From the shopping areas, you can get vegetables, exotic local fruits, local outfits, and many crafts and arts that you will be happy to keep. This island has a variety of cuisine types to offer you, as well as a plenty of types of local rums and beers – there is no doubt that you will have a good time.
You can try diving and snorkeling in the clear water of the lagoon to see the colorful fish from a close range.
If you want to spend all the day on the beach, you can get your lunch from one of the food vendors on the beach. They have all sorts of drinks and food. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this beach if you go to the Mauritius.

3- La Cuvette Beach

La Cuvette Beach
La Cuvette Beach

Not far away from Grand Bay, La Cuvette Beach is considered to be one of the stunning beaches in Mauritius. Known for sailing, skiing, and windsurfing, this beach is perfect for any water sport you like. Unlike the other beaches, La Cuvette Beach is very calm and doesn’t have rocks and coral reefs, which make it appropriate for swimming too.
Beside the multiple activities that you can do in the beautiful blue Indian Ocean, you can enjoy the local food and drinks. You will find a plenty of food vendors on the beach.
This wonderful beach is not far away from the center of Grand Bay. You can stay in one of the nearby hotels in Grand Bay.
You can rent boats and swimming equipment that you need from those hotels.
In Grand Bay, there many shopping centers from where you can get anything you need for your vacation.
To have a break from the sun and water, there are a plenty of bars and restaurants in Grand Bay.

4- The Belle Mare Beach

The Belle Mare Beach
The Belle Mare Beach

The Belle Mare Beach stretches over several kilometers on the eastern part of Mauritius, from Trou-d’eau Douce to the village of Belle Mare.
This beach is the longest beach in this country, and it is likely to be the most beautiful as well. The magnificent white sand and the crystal blue water of this beach are amazing.
This beach is known for a lagoon that lends to the calm blue water of the sea. This deep lagoon runs parallel to the sea, making an amazing view.
Because it is too long, this beach is perfect for a long walk, a horse ride.
Like the majority of Mauritius beaches, this beach is not very crowded during the weekdays, making it a perfect place for relaxation. But during the weekends, you have to expect that the beach becomes a little bit crowded. Tourists and locals alike fill the beach.

5- Tamarin Beach

Tamarin Beach
Tamarin Beach

Located on the southern portion of the country, Tamarin beach lies between the village of Black River and the Flic en Flac. The black river mountain in the background creates an amazing scenic view that attracts tourists from the country and from the outside. It is also popular for a river that divides the beach in two. What is amazing about this river is that it can be crossed on foot.
Unlike the other Mauritius beaches, Tamarin beach is yellow sanded. It is also rougher than the other beaches – and it has small stones mixed in water. Because this beach doesn’t have a reef to protect the bay from the towering waves, it can get really tough waves. It is very appropriate for water skiing, surfing, paddle boarding, sailing and a lot of other water sports. You can bring your family and spend the day there.
In the evening, a beautiful thing to do is having a campfire while enjoying the scenic view of the sunset. You won’t regret spending a couple of days at this beach.

6- The Le Morne Beaches

The Le Morne Beaches
The Le Morne Beaches

Those beaches are situated along the west side of the Le Morne peninsula in the southern portion of the country. If you go there, do not miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage site in the Le Morne Mountains. Located at the foot of the mountain range, which give them a stunning background, the beautiful beaches of the Le Morne have white sand and trees scattered all along the beach. What makes this beach appropriate for windsurfing is the ideal wind, which is almost year-round. While in this beach. There is a high chance that you find professional windsurfers taking advantage of the beach conditions. There is no doubt that you will enjoy watching these professionals doing what they do best. Due to these prime conditions, you can even do kite surfing or any other water sport that supports the conditions of this beach.

7- Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac Beach
Flic en Flac Beach

Located on the west coast of the country, between the village of Tamarin and Albion, Flic Flac beach is also one of the longest beaches in Mauritius. Along the long beach, there are a lot of Casuarina trees, making it ideal for a midnight stroll. It is also perfect for jogging or walking for people who are more health conscious. Since it is all protected by the coral reef, this beach is absolutely wonderful for diving and snorkeling to watch the amazing varieties of sea creatures. It is also ideal for swimming, since the waves are broken by the coral reef – you don’t have to worry about the sea currents. Don’t forget to spend some time sightseeing and shopping in the town of Flic Flac. It is a terrific village.

8- Trou Aux Beach

Trou Aux Beach
Trou Aux Beach

Located on the southeast portion Mauritius, Trou Aux beach is another of our list of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. This beach has a huge coral reef, making it wonderful for snorkeling and diving. One of the most popular activities in this beach are deep sea fishing and scuba diving. It is very nice for walking, since its white sand is powder-like. For people who are looking for relaxation and luxuriant beaches, this beach will definitely satisfy your needs.

9- Mahebourg Beach

Mahebourg Beach
Mahebourg Beach

Located on the wonderful Grand Port Bay, in the southern portion of the island, Mahebourg beach is considered to be one of the main fishing beaches in Mauritius. The place has less outside influence compared to the other beaches of the island. To know more about the true Mautian way of life, you have to spend a couple of days in this village. Don’t miss to spend some time at the local market of Mahebourg – they have unique products, teas, spices, local arts and crafts, tropical fruits and vegetables and much more.
You won’t only enjoy the sea and the beach, but you will also enjoy being a part of the local traditions and customs.

10- Gris Gris Beach

Gris Gris Beach
Gris Gris Beach

Located at the south of the Mauritius island, not far away from the village of Souillac, Gris Gris beach is magical, and it is possibly the most wonderful beach in Mauritius. The majestic cliffs surrounding the beach are making such a scenic view. When the huge waves crash onto the these majestic cliffs, great splashes of water are created- the smell of seawater is irresistible. To have a perfect view of the crashing waves, The “Roch Qui Pleure” – which means the crying rock – is a great location to take. This rock is located in a small garden with a lot of benches where you can get a good view angle on the beach. To get to the small beach, there is a trail that leads down there. You should not miss this attractive beach if you go to Mauritius.

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